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When Yogurt comes to mind then the first name come to Yogurt of Bogura (Bogura Doi). Because of Yogurt this word as like synonym word of Bogura district.

Yogurt of Bogura (Bogurar Doi) has an old history. Almost two hundred years ago the families known as milkman inaugurated this industry. But Gour Gopal was the founder of this Yogurt. He walks 20 kilometers on his foot to come to Bogra from Sherpur Upazilla for selling his Yogurt. His made Yogurt get a taste of Pakistan Nawab Mohammad Ali and the Nawab gift to Gopala house and factory in Bogra.


Initially, he made yogurt for two Nawab families. Then Gopal and Suren Ghose expand his business. This time Kuranu Ghose also made yogurt. And in course of time becomes increasingly popular with Yogurt (Bogra Doi). Ghosh family, as well as many industrial, came forward in yogurt sectors.  makes his industry most prosperous among others.’s  yogurt still now takes his popularity. Improve the taste and convenient method of transporting the Yogurt of Bogura (Bogurar Doi) spread across the country.

The Yogurt was stared during the reign of Nawab. That times this Yogurt is known as Nawabbarir Doi. Traditional Nawabi family of Bogra has known this Yogurt as Nawabi food.

Yogurt of Bogra (Bogurar Doi) increased its popularity day by day. Bogura DoiAnd to feed the thirsty man is undoubtedly a delicious meal Yogurt of Bogra (Bogra Doi). Because of the unique flavors of this Yogurt of Bogra (Bograr Doi). Yogurt of Bogra (Bogra Doi) has a huge market possibility in abroad but without government patronage, it could not possible.

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